Urban Flora is made with a diverse selection of probiotics strains

  Promote normal digestive function. Support a healthy immune system. Promote cellular reproduction.

  Promote a healthy microbiome & gut flora. Provide anti-oxidant protection.

  Increase absorption of nutrients. maintain a healthy gut lining. Reduce in flammation.

Here's the Scoop…

Your pet's gut is a powerful yet delicate system of diverse bacteria and microflora that break down food into nutrients. By adding probiotics (good bacteria), prebiotics (food source for probiotics), and postbiotics (beneficial byproducts of probiotics) to their food, digestion becomes easier and produces incredible benefits.

Urban Flora is a scientifically formulated, patent-pending pet supplement. We ferment a precise blend of prebiotics and probiotics, to produce postbiotics that supercharge your pet's gut.

Our spray-dry process stabilizes & encapsulates the metabolites naturally produced during fermentation to deliver long-term gut support that's simple to serve. We use organic, non-GMO ingredients, and never use fillers, preservatives, or any synthetic ingredients.

Our fermented, convenient, spray-dried formula is packed with robust antiviral peptides and cytokines for anti-oxidant protection against free radicals. Urban Flora shows higher levels of growth factor G-CSF known to mobilize regenerative stem cells. The metabolites in our formula work quickly to support your pet's immune system.

Formulated based on science

Developed by Gitte Jensen, PhD and Founder, Michelle Griffin

Studies by Gitte Jensen, PhD at NIS Laboratories, CA

Turmeric as a Booster

You may think of Turmeric as a spice simply used in curry but it has been cited in many studies to benefit the body. Turmeric can help pets fight off illness, regulate their digestive system and protect them from allergies. When added to our Urban Flora before fermentation, turmeric boosted antioxidant protection and energy production.

Antioxidant Protection

Harmful chemicals are everywhere, from air pollution to pesticides and food packaging. These everyday exposures can stress your pet's cells causing them to produce unstable molecules which damage cells and cause diseases, such as cancer. Well, what's in our control? MuttGut and KittyGut are high in antioxidants, compounds decreasing the level of unstable molecules produced by stressed cells which protects your pet's healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Supports Normal Growth and Recovery

Urban Flora increases the energy production in cells which is essential for cells to divide and grow, which leads to strong, healthy growth. This is especially important for growing and senior pets. It also encourages the body’s ability to heal itself by stimulating processes involved in creating new blood vessels (angiogenesis). So when your pet has gotten a bit too adventurous and gets hurt or injured, their healing ability can be supercharged.

Strengthens the Immune System

When it comes to your pet, having a strong immune system is important to fight off ear infections or an upset stomach. Did you know most of our immune cells live in our gut? MuttGut and KittyGut directly enter the gut for the most impact. Urban Flora helps increase the communication signals between immune system cells so they can coordinate to fight off viruses better. This helps your pet's immune system respond faster to infections.

Less Inflammation

Inflammation (swelling) is the immune systems response to infection, an allergy or food that doesn't agree with your pet. If this happens often, your pets cells enter a loop of constant inflammation, overtime it can result in the development of disease. Urban Flora is designed so that cells produce less distress signals, calming down inflammation and harnessing that energy for growth instead. Less inflammation allows your pet's body to stave off disease well through to old age, allowing them to live a happy, healthy life..