Unveiling the Science Behind MuttGut's Superior Formula

In the realm of pet health, your pet's gut is vital. It's a complex system filled with various bacteria and microflora responsible for breaking down food into essential nutrients. These nutrients are what provide your pet with energy, aid in their growth, and maintain their health.


MuttGut has introduced Urban Flora™, a specially formulated ingredient aimed at improving your pet's health. This supplement helps with issues like digestive problems, immune support, and managing inflammation. We're going to explore the science, ingredients, and benefits that make MuttGut the top choice for pet owners looking to enhance their pet's health.


Urban Flora™: Your Pet's Gut Health Partner

Urban Flora


Urban Flora™ is the cornerstone of MuttGut's gut health support for your pet. This meticulously formulated blend of probiotics is designed to enhance digestive function, support a strong immune system, and promote overall well-being. With a focus on these core aspects, Urban Flora™ is a vital component in ensuring your pet's health and vitality.

Improved Digestion: 

- Urban Flora™ balances the gut microbiome, helping to prevent common digestive problems.

Stronger Immune System: 

- A significant part of your pet's immune system is in their gut. Urban Flora™ makes these immune cells communicate better, so they can defend your pet more effectively.

Cell Growth: 

- It supports the process of your pet's cells growing and repairing themselves, which is essential for young and older pets.

Balanced Gut Microbes: 

- Urban Flora™ promotes a healthy gut environment by encouraging beneficial bacteria to thrive, leading to smoother digestion.

Protection from Harmful Molecules: 

- Urban Flora™ acts as a shield, protecting your pet's cells from harmful molecules that can cause health problems.

Reducing Inflammation: 

- It helps to calm down inflammation in your pet's body, which can happen due to infections or allergies.


MuttGut's formula includes key all-natural ingredients:


- Blackstrap Molasses: A nutritious natural sweetener that aids digestion and provides essential minerals.

- Bentonite Clay: A natural detoxifier that removes toxins and helps balance the gut.

- Rice Bran: Full of nutrients, it supports digestion and helps control blood sugar levels.

- Turmeric: A potent antioxidant that aids digestion and helps with allergies.

- Kelp Meal: Packed with essential nutrients for a healthy pet.

- Sea Salt: Maintains your pet's electrolyte balance and promotes a healthy nervous system.


MuttGut's Difference: Quality and Science


MuttGut's commitment to quality is unwavering. Our products are entirely free of fillers, preservatives, or grains, ensuring your pet receives only the best. But quality isn't the only cornerstone of our approach; science plays a vital role too.


Science-Backed Formulation


Urban Flora™, the heart of MuttGut, is not just a random blend of ingredients. It's a result of rigorous scientific research, supported by studies conducted by Gitte Jensen, PhD, at NIS Laboratories in California. These studies confirm the positive impact of Urban Flora™ on your pet's gut health and overall well-being.


Antioxidant Protection and Supporting Growth


Urban Flora™ provides antioxidant protection for your pet's cells, reducing the risk of damage from harmful molecules. It also boosts energy production in cells, ensuring optimal growth and recovery for pets of all ages.


Boosting the Immune System and Reducing Inflammation


Urban Flora™ enhances the collaboration between your pet's immune cells, strengthening their immune system. Additionally, it effectively reduces inflammation, promoting a calmer and healthier state for your pet.


Join the MuttGut Movement


MuttGut is here to support your pet's health journey. Choose science-backed excellence and enhance your pet's well-being with MuttGut.


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